Lidya has been working at the Kantamanto Market for 23 years. To begin with the clothing was of good quality and the profit was good. Now there is too much …

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Rebecca repairs secondhand clothing all day for it to be re-sold. By repairing and cleaning the clothes she can increase the price by 20 percent. After repairing the items, they …

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For about 20 years Richard has been working at the market. A lot changed at Kantamanto Market when a big fire burned down the whole place. This happened 10 years …

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3 years ago Blessing started working at the market. She sells shirts for men and she only buys bills from the UK. The bill costs 5000 Cedi and the items …

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25 years ago Comfort started working at the newly opened Kantamanto market. The clothes are in worse condition than they used to be. Due to the fast fashion industry, many …

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